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IP insurance and technology licence models

Imperial Innovations is organising a workshop on Intellectual Property (IP) insurance and technology licence models dedicated to Imperial innovative start-ups and medium size companies.

Thursday 22 February - 9.30am - 12pm
Imperial White City Incubator

It is believed that up to 80% of business value is now made up of intangible assets yet most businesses do not know how to identify these assets let alone protect and exploit them. The first part of the workshop will provide an overview of how businesses can identify their IP, and a handy ten-point checklist of things businesses can do to ensure they are maximising the value of these key assets.

The presenter, who is a IP expert and owns his IP Insurance brokerage company, will offer practical examples of local and international IP risks currently facing UK SMEs and how these can be mitigated through the use of IP insurance.

The second part of the workshop focuses on IP technology licence models and uses ARM as a main case study. ARM became the largest most valuable technology company in the UK, when in 2016 it was bought by Softbank Group for £24bn. It was known for its industry leading low power microprocessor technology that powered the smartphone revolution but what made it a success was as much to do with the business model as it was the technology. Subsequently many companies have copied the model but their success has been limited.

The presenter, who is the vice president of strategy for the IP Products Group at Arm, will talk about the Arm technology licensing business model and why it succeeded where others failed. He will also talk openly about what types of business and technology can use an IP licensing business model and which ones either shouldn’t or should not expect the same type of value that Arm achieved with the model.


  • 9.30am -10.30 – IP insurance
  • 10.30 – 12.00 – IP technology licence models (ARM case study)

NOTE: The event is dedicated to Imperial linked companies and it is by invitation only. To express an interest in joining the event, contact Anca Mandruleanu, Entrepreneurial Programmes Manager at

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