RebelBio and Imperial College London join forces to accelerate the next generation of life sciences startups

The Imperial White City Incubator, Imperial College London's premiere science innovation centre, welcomes RebelBio, the world's first life sciences accelerator, to host its fifth cohort from the Incubator. This new partnership will help RebelBio launch its latest batch of 10 exciting companies which began in January 2018.

RebelBio, an accelerator fully owned by SOSV - The Accelerator VC, is committed to the funding & development of startups looking to change the world through the use of  biology as a technology. The accelerator started operating in 2014 and has since invested in more than 40 companies. Previous graduates of the RebelBio accelerator include leaders in cellular agriculture Perfect Day Foods, PiliHexafly & MicrosynbiotiX.

RebelBio's latest batch of companies

AlgiKnit - Bio textiles for a sustainable future

Encelo Labs - Bringing genetic diversity into the the preclinical stage making personalised stem cell treatments more cost effective

VivoKey Technologies - Next generation blockchain enabled cryptobionics to improve security & the privacy of data

Chronomics - Epigenetic testing A.I platform to drive the future of personalised wellness

Corticare - A smart device for personalised, affordable, quick and accurate hormonal testing

Magellan Life Sciences - Using novel protein engineering & synthetic biology advances to address the global challenges of creating protein derived sweeteners

Visusnano - A novel medical device that will revolutionise cataract surgery & reduce surgical complications

Biomimetic Solutions - Developing scaffolds, bandages and nano-materials from 3D cell culture to produce organs and functional human tissue growth in vitro

Daekitech - Non invasive devices to diagnose and monitor chronic diseases, such as diabetes, with a disposable test strip that only uses saliva

Neurocreate - Neurofeedback and artificial intelligence, to augment human cognition and achieve 'Flow' neurological states for peak performance and stress alleviation

The ability to leverage Imperial's resources, including a close relationship to support companies, is a significant boost to SOSV’s already impressive global network of 600+ startups. In order to create advances in life sciences & healthcare, and solve global challenges, startups need to adapt and have access to cutting facilities & edge gene-editing tools. Support from ecosystem partners such as Clustermarket allow companies to get rapid access to expensive lab equipment & services at lower cost throughout the Golden Triangle also.

The RebelBio Team with each the CEO’s of each of the 10 companies of Cohort V hosted at the White City Incubator

Steven O Connell, Associate Director & Programme Manager at RebelBio, said:

“We are excited to launch our first international cohort in the UK with Imperial Innovations at the White City Incubator, the leading support for coworking labs in the biotech field. We look forward to working together with Imperial and these innovative startups to broaden the scope of our support”