Upcoming Imperial White City Incubator and Petit Miracles business event collaboration

The Imperial White City Incubator will be co-delivering two workshops with local charity Petit Miracles on Thursday 31st May 2018: Marketing and Social Media for Business and Face-to-Face Selling in a Digital World.


Petit Miracles is a charitable social enterprise, teaching furniture restoration, interior design, and basic DIY to those needing help to get back into work. The organisation also has retail premises Petit Miracle Interiors in the West12 Shopping Centre. Petit Miracles also offers a Petit Miracle Hub within the same location, providing space for business incubation projects giving access to the retail market. Customers can expect a varied, one-of-a kind shopping experience where they can meet the designers, hear their stories and purchase bespoke designs and products.

The upcoming workshops will further support the Petit Miracle’s Hub programme Start Your Own Enterprise.

The Marketing and Social Media for Business workshop will focus on identifying and understanding new and existing customers as well as creating messages sustaining an interest in the business. Additionally, attendees will be given examples and guidance on selecting the right messages for social media and the role of different platforms as a marketing tool.

Face-to-Face Selling in a Digital World will demonstrate the ability to plan sales goals and objectives, understand the target audience, and identify customer behaviour. The event will also provide real life customer meeting scenarios to overcome objections leading to a successfully closed deal.

The events will be free for residents of Hammersmith and Fulham council, in line with the charity’s and Incubator’s goal to support local business ventures and giving them an opportunity to expand their knowledge.

You can find and register for these events on Eventbrite.