RebelBio launches new cohort hosted at the IWCI

RebelBio has brought together seven new companies for its Cohort VI, the second to be hosted at the Imperial White City Incubator.

Following the successful collaboration between RebelBio and the IWCI which began in January this year, the world's first life sciences accelerator has decided to bring in a second group of companies to Imperial's Translation & Innovation Hub.

The companies in Cohort VI are working on a wide range of issues, from sustainability in the food sector to artificial intelligence & machine learning, through neurodegenerative disease and the microbiome. The founders, a mix of students, academics, doctors, and entrepreneurs, will undergo RebelBio's three-month-long training programme, while also being able to access support provided by the IWCI's experienced team.

The companies of RebelBio's Cohort VI

Biomathematica - developing digital microbes (computer simulations of the human gut microbiome) to support personalised medicine. 

OmProbiotics - using probiotics for a new path to sinus health.

Because Animals - a novel, environmentally-firendly approach to pet food.

Machine Medicine - video capture, storage and analysis for better diagnostics.

Cellari - applying AI to complex bioimaging tasks.

MicroSpray Technologies - developing a spray-manufacturing system able to fine tune particle size.

DropGenie - democatrising gene editing with microfluidics.

The Cohort VI CEOs sit with  RebelBio’s Bill Liao

The Cohort VI CEOs sit with  RebelBio’s Bill Liao