Sixfold Bioscience grows into new lab space at the Imperial White City Incubator

Sixfold Bioscience, a preclinical biotechnology company focused on developing novel systemic delivery systems for cell and gene therapeutics, has taken new lab space at the Imperial White City Incubator. The company will expand its multidisciplinary team of scientists and build a new chemistry suite, allowing it to carry out important experimental work in-house.

Based at the Imperial Translational and Innovation Hub (I-HUB) since October 2018, Sixfold was founded to tackle a major global healthcare challenge: safely delivering therapeutics to diseased cells. Current drug delivery solutions may either be hard to manufacture, too toxic, or unable to target specific diseased cells.

Sixfold is developing a delivery platform to unlock the currently unmet potential of cell and gene therapeutics to treat cancer and other genetic diseases.

Dr Zuzanna Brzosko, CEO of Sixfold Biosciences, said:

The Sixfold Bioscience team at the Imperial White City Incubator

The Sixfold Bioscience team at the Imperial White City Incubator

“The move into the larger, private lab space - which comes only several months after creating our first base at the I-HUB - is an exciting step for our company. It will allow us to carry out most of our experimental work in-house, expand our capabilities to encompass biology, chemistry and computational sciences and accommodate our growing team.”

The company has raised capital from a range of experienced investors, including YCombinator, and has won grants from Innovate UK and Horizon 2020. It now plans to advance its preclinical pipeline as well as expand its team and in-house capabilities.

Being based at the Incubator has facilitated some of the interactions with our key academic collaborators at the Imperial College London and provided an immersive entrepreneurial environment. We look forward to our continued presence here”

Richelle McNae, Entrepreneurial Programmes Coordinator, Imperial White City Incubator, said:

“Sixfold Biosciences has been a welcome presence at the Incubator since it joined the shared lab in 2018. They are a multidisciplinary team tackling a major global challenge, and we are delighted they have chosen to continue their company’s journey in the world-class laboratory and office space available at the Imperial White City Incubator”